What games are similar to Cube World?

Jul 28, 2023
Caden Lockhart
What games are similar to Cube World?

The Magic of Cube World

Let's dive right in, shall we? Cube World. An action RPG, a sandbox game, a cool mix of Minecraft and Zelda aesthetics. It was a real trendsetter when it came out, setting the bar high for voxel-based games with an intense role-playing quotient. So, what happens when you take the thrill of this Cubed-world and want to replicate it in other games? Simple, you find alternatives! Similarities aren't always apparent, but they are there to be discovered, waiting for Caden to sift through the gaming world's rubble heap. So, here is my rundown of games that kindred spirits of Cube World would enjoy.

Born from the Same Block: Minecraft

What conversation about voxel-based games could be complete without giving a nod to the Godfather of them all - Minecraft? Technically, Cube World is more of a descendant with its RPG elements, but we cannot ignore the family resemblance. The opportunity to explore randomly generated worlds and manipulating blocks to create almost anything is the lifeblood of both these games. However, Minecraft’s Survival mode levies a unique spin on it. There, you battle monsters, scavenge for resources, and simultaneously try not to starve. It also has an Adventure mode, where players experience custom maps and adventures created by others. The possibilities are endless, just like the number of blocks!

Stepping into Realms Unknown: Trove

Income Trove, a more obvious successor to Cube World. It certainly ticks all the right boxes: Voxel-based? Check. RPG? Check. Multiplayer? Check. With Trove, you step into an open-ended universe of realms, bristling with unlimited possibilities. Each voxel in this universe is destructible, essentially letting your creativity run wild. Fight monsters, construct or demolish worlds, or even go fishing - the Trove landscape can be whatever you make it to be!

A Medieval Take: Portal Knights

Get your Middle Ages mojo on with Portal Knights! Blending RPG and sand-box style, it adds an interesting twist to the gaming pot: an overarching storyline. You begin in a shattered realm, with every island floating in isolation. Your task is to mend the realm by reactivating ancient portals. This makes your game much more directional and goal-oriented than Cube World or its cousins. Complement this with a class-based character system, and you've got yourself a whole different gaming experience!

The Fantasy Dream: SkySaga: Infinite Isles

SkySaga: Infinite Isles is a somewhat unsung hero in the sand-box RPG world. It boasts of a first-person perspective, offering a fresh take on world exploration. Each player gets their island, which they can customize to their heart's desire. What I love is the diary, where you can document your adventures in detail. If only they had this in real life, Caden's boring grocery trips would turn into epic quests for Crunchy Nut Cereal!

The Darker World: Dark and Light

But, hey, not everyone wants to live in a sunny voxel world! Some of us prefer a bit of gloom and doom. For those of us whose fantasy alters a bit grim, Dark and Light combine Medieval, fantasy, and survival themes. Here, you learn spells, build fortresses, and grapple with frightening creatures in a savage, mostly hostile, world. Prepare to get your hands dirty!

Power of Graphics: Boundless

Now, imagine Cube World, but with sleek, contoured surfaces instead of chunky voxel blocks. Sounds appealing? Meet Boundless, a game that retains the explorative charm, replaces blocks with smooth textures, and ups the ante with interplanetary travel. If there ever was a sophisticated remodeled cousin of Cube World, Boundless would be it!

For the Dinosaur Lovers: PixARK

Last but not least, let's take a detour into a dinosaur-infested voxel world with PixARK. Think Cube World meets Jurassic Park - except, you know, without the disastrous failures of the latter. In PixARK, the world blocks can square-off against dinosaurs, dragons, and other nostalgia-inducing, prehistoric creatures. If you ask me, it certainly makes for an interesting gaming Sunday!

There you go, folks - Caden's rundown of the games that provide a similar experience as Cube World. Each of these games adds a unique flavor to the voxel-based, sandbox RPG universe. So whether you're a fan of Minecraft's survival instincts, Trove's unlimited potential, or Portal Knight's medieval charm, there's something for everyone. And don't forget to explore the worlds of SkySaga, Dark and Light, Boundless, and PixARK for an added adventure. Trust me, and the exploration is worth it!