Stripe introduces restricted API keys

But we can’t use them with CashNotify - yet

Sep 15, 2017

TL;DR: Stripe restricted keys are not yet supported by CashNotify. We’re waiting for Stripe to implement some changes. More details just below.

Yesterday Stripe announced they’ve added an option to create restricted API keys:

And we were like:

We’re really excited by this.
This means you could create a read-only API key to use with CashNotify.

Why does it matter?

Because we sometimes have the (totally legitimate) question of “What do you do with my API keys?”.

We have to explain why we need your key, and how we securely store them in your local keychain (for full details, see the Security page).

Ultimately, the question is “Can I trust CashNotify?”

How could it work?

Instead of using your standard, “full-rights” API key, you could generate a restricted key, with just enough rights for CashNotify to work properly.

The biggest improvement would be that the only rights you’d give CashNotify are read-only.

Creating a new Stripe restricted API key

Note that we might ask for more rights in the future, when we introduce advanced features in CashNotify (like the ability to process refunds directly from CashNotify). Upside is, once that happens, we’ll have to explain exactly why we need them.

Why can’t I use restricted keys now?

We want to make this happens as soon as we can, however there are some restrictions at the moment preventing us from using restricted keys.

CashNotify needs to access 3 attributes about your Stripe account:

  • display_name
  • business_logo
  • default_currency

These attributes are not accessible at all with the new restricted API keys, even when creating a key with the highest permissions.

You can see why we need these. When you add a Stripe account to CashNotify, your account’s name and logo are immediately copied in CashNotify:

Setting up a Stripe key

We’ve raised the issue with Stripe, and hope they can implement what’s missing… quickly. 😅

Until then, nothing changes for CashNotify users.
We’ll let you know as soon as we have news from Stripe!