How to get Stripe notifications in Slack

Share Stripe events with your team in Slack.

Oct 17, 2017

Stripe notifications in Slack can be a great complement to CashNotify. Their advantage: everyone belonging to the channel will see them.

Example of Stripe transfer notification in Slack
Example of Stripe transfer notification in Slack

Here are 4 ways to setup these notifications:

1. Slack app

Your first option is to use the Stripe app available in Slack’s app directory.


  • Easy to set up
  • Free


  • If you’re on the free Slack plan, this app counts in your quota of 10 third-party or custom integrations

Stripe integration in the Slack App Directory

Authenticate your Stripe account and follow a few more instructions to setup this integration.

Stripe app authentication and setup

Choose which events you’re interested in, and which channel the app should post notifications to.

Stripe integration events and channel configuration

2. Zapier, IFTTT & other automation tools

Your second option is to use an automation platform like Zapier, IFTTT, or You can pick from ready-to-use recipes or write your own.


An event can trigger a notification for many actions. For example, after a sale, you could automatically:

  • Post a message on Slack and
  • Send an email to your customer and
  • Add your customer to a MailChimp list


  • Zapier and IFTTT offer different triggers (new charge, refund, customer, dispute, etc.). You may need both to get all the notifications you want.

Zapier integrations

Try the “zaps” for connecting Stripe with Slack here.

Our favorites integrations:

Zapier integrations directory for Stripe + Slack

IFTTT integration

There is only one ready-to-use applet for integrating Stripe with Slack as we write this, you can find it here.

IFTTT integrations directory for Stripe + Slack integrations

Try the integrations for connecting Stripe with Slack here.

Our favorites integrations: integrations directory for Stripe + Slack

3. Dedicated stats apps

Your third option is to use an analytics platform and configure it to post its reports to Slack.


  • Summaries instead of simple notifications


  • Mysterious pricing models


Statsbot is a complete analytics platform. It has integrations with Stripe, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, SQL. And it comes with a Slack bot.

You need an Enterprise plan to add a Stripe integration. But they keep the price hidden, your only option is to “Request a demo”.

Statsbot Slack bot alert


Revealytics provides key SaaS metrics from your Stripe account in Slack. Their reports include MRR, churn rate, CLTV (customer lifetime value).

It is free “while in beta”.

Revealytics Slack bot report

4. Custom integration development

If you need more customization, you can use Stripe and Slack APIs. They are both superbly designed and documented.


  • Build whatever you want


  • Need to write code
  • Need to host your app somewhere

For Stripe, start by looking at:

  • webhooks, which are the way to notify your app when something happens in your Stripe account

  • libraries, to get started in your favorite programming language

For Slack, start by looking at:

A very simple option for hosting your app is Glitch. They even have blueprints to help you write your first Slack integrations.


Do you want real-time Stripe notifications in your menu bar? Try CashNotify! You can always share a revenue update manually to Slack, Twitter, email etc.